Visit To The Google Office Building In Orange County


Like many multinational companies, Google has offices all over the world. One of those offices happens to be in Orange County, and Sally managed to score a very exclusive tour of it. How did she pulled that off? The office tour was part of a prize for any student who raised more than $600 for her school jog-a-thon. Sally was among only nine students to do so.

Google office Orange County is located at 100 Civic Center Drive in Newport Beach. The building offers 91,000 square feet of space that is split up between four levels, connected by a steel and perforated acrylic staircase that serves at the centerpiece of the entire building. What does Google use this office for? According to Google’s career page:

Under the famed Southern California sun, Googlers at our Orange County office specialize in massive data storage, forecasting, inventory management, novel presentation layers, optimization, and search. We’re home to engineering and sales teams working on Google Analytics, as well as the suite of revenue and reporting projects that collectively underpin the AdWords platform. Brainstorm in bright, open spaces overlooking the picturesque San Joaquin Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, or unwind with your teammates over ping-pong, foosball, pinball, and video games. Drop in and make some waves of your own through innovative projects and cutting-edge technology—the sunscreen’s on us.

In addition to the above cool stuff, the office offers even more cool stuff. There’s a full gym, a nap room, a massage room with two full time Massage therapists, a room for nursing mothers, and an open space to walk the dog (Googlers are allowed to bring Fido to work).

Googlers are always within 150 feet of a micro kitchen (the main cafeteria is on level 4). The kitchens used to be stocked with junk food, but now all you’ll find are organic goodies. While the organic stuff cost more than the M&Ms, the company ended up saving money because the employees just didn’t eat as much. I guess snacking on organic carrots is not the same as snacking on chips. All the food at Google is free because, “there really is such a thing as a free lunch.”

If you want to work at the Google office, you need to be at the top of your field. Google only hires the best of the best because they can afford to. The OC office is home to 400 employees. They plan to add 100 more this year. They currently receive over 1000 resumes a day. Good luck getting an interview!







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