Visit To Market Leverage

In addition to being home of IZEA, Orlando is also the home of Market Leverage. Since I’m still in Orlando, I decided to pay Market Leverage a visit to check out their new office and see if I can steal any more of those “I’m Blogging This” T Shirts.

The new Market Leverage office is over three and half times bigger than the old office. Market Leverage moved to the new place only one and half weeks ago. It’s so new that they don’t even have a sign on the door yet.

Debby and Dina gave me the grand tour of the place and I even got to sit in on the filming of the weekly Market Leverage TV show. I taped an interview with Debby that will air in a future episode of MLTV. Keep an eye out for it.

Market Leverage gave me another bag of stuff for visiting them. That worked out really well because the bag can hold a lot of T Shirts. 😈