ViralNetworks – Social Network for Internet Marketers

ViralNetworks is a new Social Networking site that has been built from scratch for Online Business Owners and Internet Marketers. The network allows for community building and making contacts with like minded people. Members can upload and share videos, blogs, start groups, chat on forums, learn and add to the marketer Wiki, suggest bookmarks Digg style, add friends and many other features at the same time earning credits for all the actions they take. Credits go towards determining if a person qualifies for the Revenue Sharing Pool where ViralNetworks pay a percentage of the sites income out to members each month.

Earn Credits by Referring New Members

To make ViralNetworks go viral, the system is set up so you can earn credits for referring new members to the network. The referral system is multi-tiered, meaning that you also earn more credits if the member you referred refers another member. Not only do credits count towards the Revenue Sharing Pool qualification, but they also count towards building a reputation and rank within the site.

Members earned credits by doing thing you would normally do on other social networks – upload a video, start a group, making a post, referring new members, etc. The more active you are, the more credits you earn. If you refer a new member, you receive 10% of whatever credit that member generates. And if the new member refers someone else, you get 10% of the new member as well, down to five levels.

I have to give ViralNetworks props for coming up with a creative way to launch a social network. Basically, ViralNetworks is using viral marketing to build their network. The network makes money by selling advertising. The money will then be shared with its members. How much each member gets will be based on how many credits he has and how much advertising ViralNetwork sells.

$6,700 Prelaunch Contest

To kick off their network, ViralNetworks is holding a $6,700 contest featuring 21 prizes. The top prize is an Alienware Hanger18 HD Entertainment System or $1,500 cash. The Contest is a race to the Top Spot. Once someone gets to 1,000 referrals, the contest is over and where everyone else lands is the prize they get. The current leader has 208 referrals.

I think this is a contest that I should be able to win easily. So here’s the deal. Sign up for ViralNetworks through me and you’ll have a chance to win whatever I win. If I win the top prize (or any prize), I’ll give it away in a draw to someone in my network. Sign up now and good luck!

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