[Video] Shoemoney Goes Ballistic on Dennis Yu

OK, I’ve stayed out of the Shoemoney Vs. Dennis Yu fight until now. However, this video by Dave Dugdale of Rentvine is too good to pass up.

For those who have been hiding under a rock, Shoe thinks Dennis Yu is a scam artist. The two were scheduled to appear together at this week’s Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas to talk about Facebook advertising. Shoe had promised to reveal all the dirt on Dennis during this session. However. the organizers of the ASW said the topic must stay on Facebook and any panelist that stray from the topic will have his mic cut off. Shoe then pulled out of the session.

The following video is a possible reenactment of what might happen had Shoe been allowed to stay on the Facebook session. It’s too bad he won’t be. The fireworks would have been fun to watch!

*Update – Just been told by Shoe that he is back on the Facebook panel. This is going to be fun!