[Video] How To Pull A Tooth with a Motorcycle

I can’t recall the first time I lost my froth teeth, but I hear it’s some kind of rite of passage. It’s too bad there weren’t advanced video recording equipments back when I was a kid. If there were, I would have been able to document the lost of my teeth like young Roan, whose two front teeth were getting lose.

In the good old days, the preferred method to remove a tooth was the tried-and-true tie-it-to-a-door-handle method. Kids have gotten a lot more creative since then. For the first tooth, Roan simple had his dad tied a string around the tooth and pull. It worked every bit as good as the door handle method.

For the second tooth, they really turned on the imagination, and technology taps. With the help of his big sister (who has bad breath, it seems), roughly 20 feet of string and a small dirt bike, young Roan elevated tooth pulling into a new art form.

Capturing the action were a trio of digital cameras. There was the camera being operated by the evil dad, a GoPro mounted on the back of the dirt bike and a DSLR with zoom and slow motion to capture the moment the tooth got ripped out. Wrap the entire event up with an appropriate letter to the tooth fairy, and await payment. Put it all together and you have a tooth pulling masterpiece that made their first video look pretty lame.