Video Blogging, Here We Come


The Purolator man dropped by today bearing a really cool Christmas gift. The Sanyo Xacti CG6 is a pocket sized camcorder that uses SD memory instead of conventional DV tapes. The unit is about the size of a pack of playing cards and can easily fit in your pocket. You can see how small the unit it relative to the CD in the above photo.

The CG6 is perfect for the video blogger. Because it’s so small there’s no reason not to have it on your where ever you go. Movies are saved as MP4 files and can be uploaded directly to YouTube or to your computer for further editing. When used with a 4GB SD memory card, you can record nonstop for almost three hours at its highest quality, 640x480x30FPS setting. If you need more record time, lowering the quality setting can achieve up to four hours of recording time. In addition to taking videos, the CG6 can be used as a 6 megapixel still camera but the quality isn’t that great.


For such a small camcorder, the CG6 offers a nice big 3.5 inch LCD display. Filming can only be done with the LCD as there are no other viewfinders. So far, I’m enjoying the unit a lot and has already used it to film stuff that I normally wouldn’t film because of the hassle involved. With the CG6, this is no longer the case. I can take videos anywhere and anytime I want. This is going to come in handy during next month’s CES. Here’s a quick video we did showing what we had for lunch.