Very Easy Ways To Generate Content Idea’s – Part2

Welcome to Part 2 of my series where we are discussing awesome ways to generate some of the best content ideas. In Part 1 we discussed how Google search, Keyword Planner, and Trends have transformed the way we find relevant keywords which are perfect to create engaging content. We also looked at Long Tail Keywords Pro which is awesome because it follows the user search pattern while introducing the concept of long-tail phrases for content writing. We are going to jump into Part 2 and look at “3” more cool strategies which I have personally used to write content for my blog and even while guest blogging.

Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Question & Answer Website

There’s many Q&A’s website that will provide you with great content ideas however your focus should always be to find the MOST popular and relevant to your niche. Even though many cover all different niches it’s important to focus popular websites because they are always up to date and trending. Since my niche is focused around “SEO” and “Online Marketing” I like to spend much of my time on because it’s provided me with a hub of creative topic ideas. My game plan is very simple…

I like to focus on popular or trending topic while skimming through standard questions being asked. If I can find a question being asked several times then I’ll know it’s a common question within my niche. I’ll go through some of the answers provided and even gather some facts to add to my content. It’s a great way to find common problems and corresponding answers.

Google Webmaster Tools

GWT is often under used to generated content ideas and I’m going to tell you why. It provides enormous information on impressions, CTR, and position of various different keywords. I use impression count to find out about trending keywords that people are searching. If I know certain keywords are being typed more than others, I will focus on finding other relevant keywords to use in my content. Impressions can tell you a lot about the user search pattern and what you should be focusing on going forward.

Head over to Google Keyword Planner and look at search queries because here is where you’ll find all the information you need to do further keyword research. Remember to focus on the following:

  • Impression count
  • CTR (will show you if you are ranking for keyword and getting clicks)
  • After, focus on finding relevant keywords to generate more content and around the same topic


These communities have been around way before powerful search engines like Google started to dominate the web. The secret here is to search relevant forums and find common questions being asked just like you would when searching Q&A’s. You have other experienced people who will provide an answer to many of these questions, but your objective should be to gather all the powerful answers so you can compile them into your content before publishing. It’s an awesome strategy and has worked numerous times for me in the past. I still continue to visit relevant forums in my niche to find content idea’s and even skim through providing answers to visitors.

Start by Google a quick search using “keyword + forums” and visit the most popular. Then skim through for the next 1-2 weeks gathering information on trending topic. Finally, gather whatever depth answers you can from other community members so you can add them to your content before publishing. Remember, don’t copy the answers, but tweak them by adding your own insight to them.

Before implementing any of these strategies test out the different methods so you can find out which ones work better for you compared to others.

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