Valentine Special – Lessons Link Builders can learn from lovers

“If you have Love, you don’t need to have anything else, and if you don’t have them , it doesn’t matter what else you have.”

“If you have back links, you don’t need to have anything else, and if you don’t have them, it doesn’t matter what else you have”.

While there will be many skeptics who’d like to refute one or both of these statements, but you know and I know that they’re as true as truth can possibly be. To be brutally honest, a hermit with no love and a website with no back links are likely to suffer the same fate i.e. premature extinction. The good news is, just like it’s easy to find love by trying to give more and expecting less in return, it is equally simple to find back links while adopting the same approach i.e. giving more and expecting less in return.

And that’s not all love has got to inculcate with. Keep on reading to know what link builders and Internet Marketers can learn from the inexplicable feeling known as love.

Love Thyself

They say, love yourself or no one else will, same is true for your website when you are about to start on your link building endeavors. That certainly doesn’t mean getting delusional about your website and start ignoring the flaws. In fact that’s quite the opposite. When you love your website, you’ll actually try harder to make it as lovable and as valuable as you can, and that is the first step towards acquiring a back link.

It Has Got To Be Mutually Beneficial:

An ideal relationship has got to be mutually beneficial. A relationship with one person trying to pull out all the stops and doing all the compromises is bound to fail sooner than later. Just like you’ve got to make your association with your loved ones mutually advantageous, you’ve got to make your link worthwhile for the people posting that link, or the people clicking on that link and visiting your website. I know many old school link builders would be thinking “link exchange” when I say mutually beneficial, but that’s not what I am hinting at, instead “guest blogging” would be a much better example.

Think Long Term

Don’t go out looking for one night stand, try to build relationships that will last, and last longer. Relationship building is a trait that I am always looking for when hiring employees for my SEO agency, because for me a good relationship with a webmaster or blog owner is a lot better than having a mere link from the link partner’s page of a mediocre website.

Don’t Try To Change Others

This one is for those who are always grumbling and ranting about the algorithm changes made by Google. You will find them complaining about how SEO and link building has become a lot more difficult, and how Google and web community has discarded the practices that use to work. Sorry to break it to you but you’ll never be able to change that, if you’re looking to be in the good books of Google, as well as your users, you’ve got to change your website according to their likes and dislikes. Once you do, you will be getting the love back in next to no time.

Unconditional Love

Remember when I say change yourself according to whims of others, I am not saying that you should be making these changes just for the sake of getting back your rankings or just because Google wants you to do that, because having those expectations will make you an easy victim for disappointment. Always remember that it will take time and patience, but the love will come, in one way or another.


When you are in love, you are bound to get jealous, which is often considered a very negative trait. In reality, jealousy is not that bad; in fact it is a very healthy emotion (as long as you are trying to improve yourself instead of wishing for others’ decline). So, whenever you see some of your competitor managing a back link from a quality website, you should get jealous, just like the lovers do. Then use that burning emotion to work harder and coming up with exceptional content or link bait to beat your rivals at their own game.

Tireless Approach

Link building, just like relationship building, is a slow and ongoing process. It has got its fair share of highs and lows. There are times when everything seems to be falling in place and the love blossoms, and then there are times when even the right words can trigger the wrong emotions and right moves can result in wrong outcomes. What you need to do is to wait and hope and more importantly, keep going.

Avoid Ambivalence

There’s a whole world of difference between love and obsession. Love is fulfilling, obsession is exhausting, love nourishes you and obsession drains. Same is the case with link building, at times SEO professionals can get obsessed with the wrong tactics and no amount of preaching can prevent them from doing so. It’s important that you stay away from the shoddy methods (and guys), especially if they are accompanied by big promises. Link building, like love is something that you should cherish all the way through, don’t ruin it by getting impatient.

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