Using Your Cell Phone To Remember Posts

Have you ever had a great post idea come to your mind and then forgot it when you got home? This has happened to me a few times. I normally don’t carry pen and paper with me to write stuff down. Instead, I rely on my super great memory to remember what I want to post about. However, more often than not, the memory isn’t super or great and I end up forgetting what I wanted to blog about. I have since found a solution to this problem by using my cell phone.

The Voice Recorder

While I may not always have pen and paper at the ready, I alway have my cell phone with me. When a really good post idea hits me and I want make sure I remember it, I would use the voice recorder feature that is built into my Moto cell phone and record the post idea. Should I forget about the post, I can just play back the recording.

The Voice Mail

If your cell phone doesn’t have a voice recorder, you can always leave a message on your voice mail. Just call your cell phone and wait for the beep. You can then check your voice mail at home if you forget what you wanted to post about. This is assuming your cell phone plan has a voice mail feature. Most plans do.

The Address Book

If your cell doesn’t have a voice recorder and your plan doesn’t include voice mail, then you can text your post into your cell phone’s address book by saving the post idea as the name. Enter any random phone number and then instead of entering the person’s name, enter your post idea. You can recall it later by looking though your address book.

If you don’t have a cell phone, then I recommend making sure you have pen and paper with you. :mrgreen: