Using Leverage Vs. Being Leveraged

One of the secrets of how the rich got rich is Leverage. when properly applied, leverage can make you extremely rich. However, most people use very little leverage in their lives. In fact, most people are the ones being leveraged.

While leverage can make you rich, being leveraged will keep you poor. How are you being leveraged? If you work at a job, you are being leveraged. Let’s face it, if your employer isn’t making money off your ass, you wouldn’t have a job there for very long. The thing that shocks me is how many people will accept this arrangement. Once, I had someone proudly said, “My company bills me out at $250 an hour.” Of the $250, he get $50 and his company gets $200. I don’t see anything to be proud of.

If you want to live the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle, then you need to be the one doing the leveraging, and not the one being leveraged. Watch the video to find out how to put the power of leverage on your side.

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