3 Creative Ways to Start Using Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become one of the most popular and effective ways to communicate with others, take pictures, and pass the time through the many distractions and entertainment they offer. With many of us using our mobile devices several hours per day, what if you could earn money while using your smartphone too? With a reliable network connection and the right apps, you might just find yourself in the best position to earn using your smartphone, even while on the go.

Smartphone users are consumers, and that means businesses want to get exposure to such audiences and brands also want to consume as much data from these audiences as possible. With this in mind, mobile device users can download apps, videos watch ads, and actually be awarded points or virtual coins which are redeemable for prizes or cash equivalent.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to highlight some of the interesting ways you can start making money with your mobile device, while still enjoying the many different activities and tasks you are likely already using it for.

1 – Online trading using your smartphone

These days, it seems like everyone wants to put their money to use and get involved with the stock market. Thanks to the affordability of smartphones and data plans, this makes mobile devices ideal for trading online. Mobile phones provide a flexible platform for traders to check on the market performance and make decisions on their investments.

A fast network and internet connection is all a trader needs to get the right timing to make a buy or sell decision. Together with a reliable broker’s trading app, one is fully equipped to earn through trading online. Mobile phones have made trading using desktops a thing of the past, and no longer a requirement. Most traders actually prefer using their mobile devices to save time and trade no matter where they currently might be.

With such an audience and customer demand for these services, it’s no wonder there are so many investing applications fighting for market share these days. For instance, CMC Markets, a London-based company, provides their own online trading platform that allows traders to manage their accounts, track all market movements, get world news and financial updates and alerts — all through the use of a simple mobile application.

If you don’t think it’s possible to make money trading stocks from your phone while traveling the world, look no further than Timothy Sykes. Not only has he made millions of dollars through buying and selling stocks, he’s also created a multi-million dollar business from it in the process!

2 – Using messaging apps to make money

WhatsApp and Facebook are the most popular messaging apps out there and few users know that it can be used to earn money and not just to send and receive messages. You can get paid for accomplishing the following tasks in your device using these messaging apps;

  • Shortening links to various web properties through WhatsApp specifically
  • Promoting products and services of certain companies, commonly known as affiliate marketing
  • Through pay per download where you will be paid when other users click a link you designed and undertake a survey therein.

In addition to using messaging apps to make money, Facebook ads and chatbots are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to not only increase earnings but also to increase user engagement as well. If you are going to be playing around with the idea of how to make money with messaging apps on your mobile device, these are two areas you should definitely start considering as well.

3 – Earning from shopping

Believe it, or not there are apps that pay smartphone users for buying things they need. The items here are nothing extraordinary; they are mere products that are likely already on your shopping list. Instead of purchasing directly from a store, you can start receiving bonus points, credits, or even cash back simply for using a specific mobile application instead.

The concept and monetization methods on these platforms is often the same as online coupon sites, as they have an integrated tracking of affiliate marketing solution in place, in which they will earn a commission on all referred leads and sales.

Various apps are designed for different products that range from groceries to books and other household staff.

Here are a couple more popular angles in this niche market right now.

Playing Games and Tracking Daily Activity

Ever since mobile applications hit the market, they have been a huge draw for both users and businesses around the world. Whether it’s a game or productivity application, there are plenty of ways for brands to not only monetize the process but also for users to benefit as well. 

For example, some games will allow you to earn credits or real money, simply for playing. Other applications might allow you to put your skills to use and actually be rewarded if you beat the competition and other rivals who may include other smartphone users. If the app is good enough and provides real value, the extra added benefit of making money is just a clear winner.

Browse the Internet and Watch Videos

More than half of smartphone owners spend most of their day watching videos and surfing for trends and latest news. As if watching videos wasn’t fun enough, there are actually a number of apps that pay for this.

These apps work through gathering points when you watch videos, which contain ads of different companies. Thereafter, you can redeem these points collected for a calculated payout. The more you watch and surf, the higher you get paid; it is as easy as that.

Other apps have surveys that you are to complete while interacting with the ads. Others give you points for watching news, articles, reviews and product deals.

How to Make Money with Your Smartphone in 2018

As we all know, the internet is a sea of opportunities for those who want to earn money from the comfort of their phones. Moreover, it is easier to work on your smartphone than through old desktops or not as portable laptops. This is something we are currently seeing with WordPress, and how more people are creating and managing sites through their smartphone or tablet, versus a traditional laptop or computer.

The great thing about mobile phones is that you can easily carry them around have an easier user interface than other devices like desktops. As mobile usage continues to grow, I’m sure we will keep on seeing new and creative ways to make money with smartphones, while also improving our daily lives and day to day operations in the process.