Update on Tim’s Stock Tip

Zynex Stock Price

If you watched the Lemongrass edition of Dot Com Pho, you would have seen Timothy Sykes recommend a short sale of Zynex Inc. (ZYXI). When Tim made the recommendation, the stock was trading at around $4.50 and was about to break support.

Tim thought the stock could drop to $2.50, giving you a nice $2 gain (in a short sell, you make money when the price goes down). A check of the Zynex today shows the stock is trading at $2.00. Had you taken Tim’s advice, you would have made a nice 55% return.

Keep in mind that selling short carries a lot more risk than buying long and you shouldn’t go into it unless you have some play money. Tim’s play money was his $12K Bar Mitzvah gift money. His parents thought he would lose it all but he turned it into $1.65 million and has been going strong since.

Yes, you can make money by watching Dot Com Pho. However, you can probably make more if you attend a live Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find out the location for this Saturday’s Dot Com Pho.