Unfollow All – Sometimes, You Just Want To Start Over

Are you getting tired of receiving a thousand DM spam on Twitter everyday? Are you following so many people that your iPhone Twitter app no longer works because it can’t download all the updates? Do you feel like starting over with a clean slate? Well now you can with my newest Twitter service, UnfollowAll.com.

Enter your Twitter information into Unfollow All, hit the start unfollowing button and it will nuke everyone you’re following on twitter. Once your following count hits zero, you can start a fresh list by following only the people you want to follow. Be absolutely sure you want to do this because once you hit the button, there’s no going back!

Unlike some other Twitter unfollow services, Unfollow All is completely free to use and I have no intention of every charging for it. The service is a good way to find out just how much influence you really have on Twitter. Many big Twitter accounts with a lot of followers got that way because they mass follow everyone with the hope of getting followed back. Unfollowing your entire list will mean only those that are truly interested in you will continue to follow you. The rest will unfollow you because you unfollow them.

If you only wish to unfollow people who are not following you, then you can use Twitter Follower.

Unfollow All – Sometimes, You Just Want To Start Over

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