Ultimate Bachelor Pad – 1 Bedroom House with 30 Car Garage and Racetrack in Backyard

Are you a bachelor who has more cars than women? Then this is the pad for you! This 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house offers 8,050 square feet of space. Why so much space for a single bedroom house? Because most of it is used for the 30 car garage! This new house just came on the market and is available now for $7,500,000.

Located at 86874 Newton Way, Thermal, California, the house offers our bachelor life in the fast lane. Not only is the garage big enough to house your 30 car collection, there’s not one but three racetracks in the backyard.

The home is latest completed homesite at the Thermal Club, a 160 hectares private members club for rich car enthusiasts.

Nestled in the sleepy town of Thermal, the Thermal Club is similar to a golf course, only the homes are built around race tracks. In order to own a home, you have to become a member of the club. Membership cost $85,000 plus $1,200 per month dues. For that fee, you get access to all the club facilities and racetracks.

Unit 86874 doesn’t look like much from the outside. The house is dominated by two huge garage doors. Inside is where all the action is. The entire lower level is the garage. At 3,600 square feet, the garage has enough space to house up to 30 cars.

You may noticed that the garage space is included in the total square footage of the house. This is because the garage is heated and cooled, and therefore considered a livable space. Many Thermal home owners set up game rooms and bars in their garage so they can be with their cars at all times.

Upstairs is a single bedroom done in an open concept bedroom/studio style. The space features a large 1,250 square feet viewing deck, complete with a giant hot tub and fire pit. It’s perfect for hosting parties and watching the cars race around the track.

Keeping with the ultimate bachelor pad motto, the house features a massive walk-in shower big enough for you and six girlfriends. There’s also a nice soaking tub to relax in after a day at the track.

Location! Location! Location!

While the Thermal Club looks like a car enthusiast’s dream, the development hasn’t been a roaring success. Since the club broke ground in 2012, only 70 homes have been built on the 268 lots and many of the lots remain unsold. A look at the site on Google Maps shows a ton of empty building lots.

The reason for the lack of sales, other than the crazy high home prices, is because of the number one rule for real estate investing: Location! Location! Location!

The Thermal Club is located in Thermal, California, which is a desert in the middle of nowhere. It’s a not a place that comes to mind when you think lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The club provides the clearest divide between the have and the have not. If this were The Hunger Games, the Thermal Club would be the Capital and Thermal would be District 12. Inside the club, members have a minimum net worth of $30 million, own multi-million dollar homes, and have multi-million dollar car collections.

Outside the club, the medium house price is only $128,000 and 33% of the residents live below the poverty line, so you may want to think twice before taking your Bugatti outside the club gate.

Needless to say, the homes at Thermal Club are not the primary residence of their owners. The houses are used as second, third, fourth, or fifth vacation homes. Most members visit during the winter months, when the desert climate is not so hot.

If you can ignore the poverty outside the club walls and stay inside the club bubble, then you can enjoy a lifestyle depicted by this Thermal Club promotional video.