UBD Block Ad Plugin – Awesome Advertising Solution

My friends over at Unique Blog Designs has released a really cool WordPress Plugin that is sure to help you make more money online. The UBD Block Ad Plugin allows you to easily set up those cool 125×125 buttons you see on my right sidebar. Co-developed by Alex King and Unique Blog Designs, the new plugin is a must for anyone who uses block ads on their WordPress blog. With smart, easy to use features, the plugin will help you manage the advertising more effectively than manually editing codes.

With the UBD Block Ad Plugin, you’ll be able to use a variety of advertising layouts. You can either use one column or two columns to display your ads, with a maximum of 10 ads at any given time. The plugin will also automatically rotate the button with each page refresh. This is a great way to ensure that your advertisers won’t feel any bias when buying a block ad from you. The rotation doesn’t limit you to the number of buttons you have running. If you have 8 buttons and 10 advertisers, the plugin will simply rotate 10 advertisers among 8 buttons.

The plugin is also fully widget compatible. You don’t need to manually edit the sidebar.php file in order to add the add the block ads to your page.

UBD Block Ad Plugin

Download the Plugin Here: UBD Block Ad Plugin