Two GoToWebinar Tricks You Need To Use

If you were at the webinar I hosted with Tim Paige, then you may have noticed two quick hacks we did to GoToWebinar in order to boost attendance rates.

Either one of these webinar hacks can increase attendance at your next webinar by 30% or more, and save you from technical glitches in the process. If you use GoToWebinar as part of your web marketing, then you need to enable these two hacks now.

Webinars are a great way to not only sell your products or services, it’s one of the best ways to build your list. With LeadPages, you’ll be able to register people to your webinar, and build your list at the same time! This is an amazing feature. And when you add in the GoToWebinar hacks, not only will you be building your list, but you’ll increase webinar attendance by 30% or more! Watch the video below for the step-by-step.


Webinar Email Copy Referenced in The Above Video:

Subject Line: (Insert Your Name) Presents: “(Insert Your Webinar Title)”

I’m looking forward to our upcoming webinar!

Watch your inbox for an email from GoToWebinar with all of
your webinar login details.

If you don’t receive it within a couple minutes, just fill
out the form on this page: (Insert GTW Registration Link)

Remember the start time is 2/18 at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific).

Here are some other time zones to help you:
– 5pm in Los Angeles
– 6pm in Denver
– 7pm in Chicago
– 8pm in New York

You will be emailed the link to join the webinar an hour
before we start.

See you soon!
-(Insert Your Name)

P.S. Your worksheet should be in your inbox around now . . .
and you’ll receive the mindmap the day after our webinar.

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