Twitter Follower Is Back, Please Re-register

Last week, I experienced a massive failure in the server that housed We tried to fix the server but in the end, my admin concluded, “She’s dead.” RIP in piece Server 003.

We have moved Twitter Follower to one of the other servers. However, we were unable to recover the database. This is unfortunate but these things happen sometimes. If you wish to use Twitter Follower, you will need to register to the site again. This is a pretty simple process requiring only a name, email and password.

For those who don’t know, Twitter Follower is a service that helps you avoid negative social proof by helping you build up a Twitter follow list really quickly. All the users on the site will follow you if you follow them. There is also a mass unfollow button which you can push to unfollow everyone who is not following you. Give it a try.

Twitter Follower