TwitPub – Would You Pay To Read Premium Tweets?


With the explosive growth of Twitter, it’s only a matter of time before marketers try to make money from the service. I’ve made a post on how I made $306 in 24 hours with Twitter. There are many ways to make money with Twitter. Some are pretty neat and others are just off the deep end. TwitPub may not be off the deep end, but it’s pretty close to the water.

What TwitPub does is offer “Premium Tweets” that people will pay for. Where will these premium tweets come from? This is where you come in. You set up a new Twitter account, or use your current account, and offer your Tweets to followers who will pay you whatever subscription price you ask. I would imagine it would be best to set up a new account in a niche that you’re interested in, say Daily Success Quotes, and keep the tweets to that topic. Then you set the account to private so only people who pay can read the tweets.

TwitPub will manage the subscriptions, list your premium tweet channel in their market place and takes a 20% cut of subscription sales. The other 80% goes to you. You set the subscription price to whatever you want. Right now, it looks like everyone is asking for a dollar a month.

Personally, I think TwitPub is a nonstarter. I can’t see it taking off or even leaving the airfield. It’s hard enough getting people to pay for premium blog content. Getting people to pay for premium tweets (especially if publisher is an unknown quality) is going to be like banging your head on the wall. Still, I give TwitPub some creativity points for coming up a new concept in Twitter monetization.