Turn Data Into Infographics

What is an infographic? It is taking cold, hard (and sometimes boring) data and bringing it to life. Infographics are well-organized bits of data put together using high-quality graphics, colors, charts, pies and other tools of presentation to make them interesting. People are visual and good infographics break down facts in a way that is only beneficial, but almost irresistible to look at.

Infographics tell a quick, compelling story. What’s most beneficial is the high rate at which they’re often shared online. A good infographic has a better chance than anything else of becoming viral. The video version of infographics are motion graphics.

One of the best parts of infographics is that they can be about any subject.

Benefits of Infographic Marketing


As an internet marketing tool, an infographic pulls in prospects. They are usually interested in the subject matter at hand. The professionalism of infographics make a great first impression to your visitors. Also, when infographics are shared extensively, they have great conversion rates.

The Best Way to Create Infographics

There are three components – well-researched data, good writing, and good graphic design:

Well-researched data: There is as much data about that subject as possible. Not all data will be used, it will just be cross-referenced and combined to produce the most useful and interesting to anyone interested in reading it.

Good writing: A good writer knows how to research, cross check and combine the data in such a way that the reader can scan it quickly and load up on facts faster than reading them in an article. A good writer can also compress information, such as titles and descriptions, in tight spaces so that it is coherent, quick and easy to read.

Good graphic design: This is the most noticeable of the three, yet, not more or less important. This is how the data is characterized. Normally, it is one long graphic that combines several pieces of data in the form of short paragraphs, pie charts, line charts, etc. The color schemes, typography and other design elements can make or break the overall look and whether or not someone will share it or even look at it.

Remember, great graphics will only get you so far. Great graphics get more eyes on the infographic, but interesting facts and good content will keep them there.

How to Create An Infographic

There are two ways to create an infographic. You can hire someone to do it for you. When you are looking for someone, take into account pricing, experience and their portfolio.

You can make one yourself. This will save you money, but can be very time intensive. Do a search in Google and find a lot of examples. Do more research and find the latest tools to use.

Truly, well-planned and marketed infographics will get you some great, targeted traffic. Having infographics is another tool in your arsenal of content, but it must be marketed properly. Once you have mastered the art of infographics, you will a steady stream of traffic for a long time.