TTZ Media WordPress Plugin

Karol Krizka has created the first WordPress plugin for TTZ Media Ads. The new plugin, call TTZ Media Product Showcase, allows you to insert a targeted TTZ ads into a post with your own custom keywords. This will be very helpful for publishers who review or write about a lot of different products.

The TTZ Media Product Showcase plugin lets you specify what products to advertise on post by post basis by letting you choose your keywords when adding the ad block. The “adding” works similarly to the AdSense Deluxe plugin, meaning that you use the following HTML code to add advertisements to a post: <!–ttz#product,keywords–>.

Quick Installation Instructions

  1. Sign up for TTZ Media
  2. Place the plugin file into wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Enable through the admin panel
  4. Go to Options->TTZ Media Configuration page of your admin panel to configure the plugin
  5. Change the User ID to your affiliate membership code that you can find on top of your TTZ Media dashboard
  6. Create a new template
  7. Insert ads into your posts by adding the following HTML code: <!–ttz#productname–>

You can also include TTZ ads in your WordPress template by using the following line of code: <?php ttz_ad(‘template’,’list,of,keywords’) ?>. The template name and the keywords are optional. If you don’t enter any keywords, the plugin will used the default TTZ keywords. If there is enough interest, Karol will work on a TTZ sidebar widget.

Download TTZ Media Product Showcase 0.1