TTZ Media Opens Online Catalog for Affiliates

We’ve been working on this catalog for a while and it’s finally ready to go. If you go to the front page of you’ll noticed that it features a ton of products. There’s also a list of the most popular products and the most recent price drops. TTZ Media affiliates can send traffic to this catalog using their affiliate ID and make money from any resulting clicks to vendors.

The catalog features thousands of products with prices and links to the online stores selling them. When a reader clicks on a price link and visits the online store, you make money for sending the click. Right now, most of the products are technology related but we will be adding more categories later.


How To Link To The Catalog

There are two ways to link to the catalog. The first is a simple URL link which looks like this: The xxxx is your affiliate ID. You can find your ID in your affiliate control panel. You can cloak the id behind a redirect if you like. Many affiliates will link to the catalog in their blog navigation menu using a description like “Shop” or “Find Low Price.”

The second way to link to the catalog is to show the “Power by TTZ Media” link in your TTZ Media ads.

TTZ Media gives affiliates the option to display “Power By TTZ Media” or not display it. If you display the notice, it will be automatically link to the catalog with your affiliate ID. Any resulting vendor clicks from readers visiting the catalog will be credited to you. Enjoy the new catalog. Let me know what you think. Look for more features to be added soon.

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