Trading Pounds for Dollars

They say the best way to make money online is to use your own assets but Patrick Curl is taking that to another level. You see, Patrick is a bit on the heavy site. OK, he’s a lot of the heavy side – 555 lbs to be exact. Patrick wants to loose weight and figure the best way to do that would be sell it off.

I am doing my own ‘Biggest Loser’ project. I’m am trying to find sponsors to basically pay me “only” if I can lose weight. So far I’ve lost 20 lbs since Jan 20th. My goal is to get at least $100 / pound. Which doesn’t sound like much, but for someone about to lose 300 lbs. That’s a $30,000 proposition.

I’m going to be featured on’s radio station. It’s a real fm Rock station here in Salt Lake City, possibly 100,000+ listeners. Parker – the programming manager / DJ is working on getting a package of sponsors together.

So, I thought I’d introduce myself, and see if you’d like to sponsor me. You could sponsor me w/ a dollar amount per pound of weight that I lose, or you could sponsor me with a certain dollar amount AFTER I reach the 100 lb mark or something similar.

OK Patrick, you got a deal! I’ll give you $1 per pound for the first 100lbs, $2 per pound for the second 100lbs and $3 per pound for the third 100lbs. Payment will be made in 100lb increments. Once you get to 455lbs, I’ll send you the first payment. Good luck!

If you would like to sponsor Patrick’s weight lost quest, visit his blog or email him at