Top-Tier Bloggers Make Only $25 Per Post

According to a survey by Read Write Web, top-tier tech bloggers make an average of $25 per blog post. The survey was hardly scientific. Read Write Web sent the survey to 20 top-tier tech bloggers and social media consultants to find out how much money they make online. Half of the bloggers surveyed gave an answer. The result was interesting to say the least.

Most people who are paid to blog are paid per post. What kinds of rates are our respondents seeing? The low end of the scale was $10 per post for very short posts. Almost everyone else said they were paid $25 per post. One person said they were paid $80 per post!

Let’s say these people are half-time pro-bloggers making $25 per post, writing 3 posts per day. That’s $75 per half-day, a little less than $20 per hour, about $1500 to $1750 per month for half time work. Take two of those jobs at once, do it for a year, and you’ll make about $40k.

The survey was limited to bloggers who write for other blogs and not blog owners, which explain why Read Write Web never contacted me. I guess that a good thing. With a survey sample of only ten, I would have pushed the average pay per post to an unrealistic level. I averaged $543 per blog post last month.

Read Write Web goes on to say that the biggest reward isn’t the money but the thrill of writing and the ability to dedicate time to the subject you love. I can agree with that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lower Michael Kwan’s pay down to a spring roll.