Top Commentators See Huge Technorati Boost

If you’re a top commentator on this blog, you may have experienced a huge boost in your Technorati ranking today. This boost came about because Technorati is ranking my posts as individual blogs.

Normally when another blog links to you, it shows up on Technorati as one blog link. However, because Technorati thinks over 500 of my blog posts are actually blogs, all the Top Commentators suddenly picked up hundreds of blog links overnight.

The boost to some of the Top Commentators has been massive. Here are their current ranking at the time of this post.

Technorati still has me frozen with 14,152 links from 2,405 blogs. However, news links to and from my blog are still being counted so I can still affect the rankings of blogs I link to. While Technorati has locked me at 14,152 links, the actual number is 59,228 links from who knows how many blogs. Hopefully, Technorati will unfreeze me soon so I can join the Top 100.

In the mean time, you can consider your huge Technorati increase as another perk for being a Top Commentator. I hope that this will help you make more money online.

I had to get that “make money online” in this post somehow! 😈