Top Affiliate Challenge Update – Epic Fail Edition

The first episode of the Top Affiliate Challenge went live yesterday but no one was able to watch it. The producers said they were on a high bandwidth line that was sure to handle the traffic. Well, it doesn’t matter how big your bandwidth is. Unless you’re Google or Microsoft, you’re not going to be able to stream an 800MB file. Anyone logging onto to the TAC site to watch the show was greeted by a waiting to buffer notice.

The producers added more servers but it didn’t help much. Instead of airing episode two today, they decided to leave episode one up for another day for those who were not able to view it. Episode two will air tomorrow at 1PM CST. However, you can view it on Google Video right now if you want to see what happen.

My Top Affiliate Challenge Videos

Here are some videos I made during the Top Affiliate Challenge. Why don’t you want them and tell me which is more entertaining, my videos or the Top Affiliate Challenge.