Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs – Guess Who’s #1?

Fellow Internet marketer and Canadian, Ian Lee, has compiled a list of the Top 50 marketing blogs in Canada and you’ll never guess who’s number 1. Well, I wouldn’t have guessed it anyway.

The list was pulled from the AdAge Power 150 daily ranking of marketing blogs. Ian went through the list and pulled out all the Canadian based blogs to create his Top 50 list. I’m tied for 12th place on the AdAge 150 list but that’s enough to rank me the number 1 marketing blog in Canada!

If your blog is on the list, Ian created a badge to display on your blog. And for those who want to re-publish the list and give some exposure to Canadian blogs, Ian has raw HTML codes on his blog. Just copy and paste. Congrats to all my fellow Canadian bloggers who made the list. I have a whole bunch of new blogs to check out now.