Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Minds of 2014

Affiliate marketing is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this month and to honor the industry, the good folks at GeoRiot are honoring those that have shaped and continue to shape the industry in some big ways. It seems I’m kinda of a big deal. I’m #3 on the list.

The industry has come a long way since the wild west days of the Internet 20 years ago. We like to think that these 25 game changers have a lot to do with that.

Our team used PeerIndex, Klout Score, and Twitter followers to assemble the top 25 influencers in the industry after sorting through hundreds of profiles. The talented people that make up the top 25, are truly the best of the best in the affiliate marketing world.

While I am honored to be include in the list of great affiliate marketing minds, I’m kinda scratching my head at how Murray Newlands beat out Shoemoney for the number one spot. Shoe’s scores seem to be higher all around. Also, it’s not cool to spell Shoe’s name wrong. His name is Jeremy Schoemaker, not Jerry shoemaker! Congrats to everyone on the list.


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