Too Many Parties!

My CES party went off pretty well. This was the first time I held it at the MGM Skylofts and while everyone like the location more, I maybe heading back to the Bellagio next year. The reason is the Skylofts has this problem with having too many people in their suites. We were not even half way full when the butler told me that we were at the limit. As a result, many people had to wait to get in. The Bellagio has the same limits as the MGM. The only difference is the Bellagio doesn’t enforce it.

I finally have some free time to actually see the CES show. I’m going to swing by the north hall to take pics of all the hot cars and hotter babes. I may post them on The TechZone tonight but I doubt it because there are 22 parties to attend tonight.

There is no way I will be able to attend all the parties. I’ll just have to pick and choose the best ones. I think I will start with the Blu-ray party, then head over to the Build a PC Race party (since I’m in the race). After that the choices become more complex because there are some really good parties. Like the Microsoft MTV party with The Killers.

Good thing I have master the art of party hopping!