Tips to Grab Your Readers’ Attention

With so much competition online, it’s important you grab your readers’ attention before your competition has a chance to. You’ll be marketing your content to the same people and even be using similar channels so it’s important you have proven strategies in place. I’ve been blogging for several years and have learned a lot over the years about the way people engage with content. I’ve also been able to work with clients in different niches to help them build engagement and was able to compile data on what works. Let’s get started and look at some of the fundamental strategies for how to attract readers quickly.

Let’s get started…

Social Media

Social media continues to grow at a rate of 10% – 15% each year and you can find people in almost every type of niche. This is why it’s important to have a social media presence as soon as you start your business. These networks are FREE to join and make it very easy for people to share content. You’ll find enthusiasts in every niche so you’re NOT going to have a problem getting your content in front of the right people. However, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. For example,

Social media platforms have been optimized to allow images and videos, which can help build user engagement quickly. Make your images stand out compared to others by adding borders, bright colors, and relevant pictures. If you’re adding a video, make sure you have an awesome cover and it’s HD (high definition) so people can watch it with no issue. Next, use tools like to find trending tags you can add to your posts so people searching them will find your content, too. Play around and find out what works then optimize over time.


Roughly 25%-30% of people speak English and this is a staggering amount that is increasing but you still have to worry about the rest. I would suggest creating content that resonates with everyone so you can increase engagement. There are two ways you can get this done:

First, have an option to convert the text into a different language if someone is visiting from another country. Find out where a majority of people come to your site from by using Google Analytics. Make changes to your site to resonate with these readers. Next, add images and videos because visual cues are great to build engagement quickly. Adding an image and video is NOT hard because it can be done with a click of a mouse. Next, you have so many tools available that will streamline the creation process to help you get on your way. By doing this, you are helping those with little English proficiency to understand your content and the value you are getting across.

Incentive or Offer

You have so many tools that will allow you to promote an offer as soon as visitors arrive on your page. is a great tool I’ve used to attract visitors because as soon as they arrive on the site, I’ll have different offers pop up. I can split test which one works the best and this is important to optimize my different campaigns. With that said…

It’s important to understand your audience and the value they are looking for, then provide them an incentive related to that. For example, I’ll offer a FREE eBook or discounts on SEO tools because I know my readers will find them useful. Next, by having my incentive pop up as soon as they arrive on my page, it allows me to attract them right away instead of giving them a chance to leave without me getting their email address for future correspondence.

The point I’m making is you have so many tools available to you so try them to see how they help with engagement and retention. Once you find out what works, you can optimize each one until you achieve the highest conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

All “3” have been proven to work great and it’s important you test each one to find out which one works for you. Competition is in every niche so find out how to stand out so you retain the customer, increasing conversions in the long run.

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