Thursday Happenings On The Net

The Curse Of An Idea – A Frequent Mistake

Michael Lemovitz from mindables! has posted an interest article call The Curse Of An Idea – A Frequent Mistake. It’s an interesting read. Michael helped me greatly in making the final spelling and grammar check on my new e book on making money by blogging. If you don’t have a copy yet, you should get one.

Dofollow Trackbacks Plugin

Many blogs are doing the dofollow on comments in order to increase the level of communication between the blogger and his readers. Now, Ant Eksiler at the Turk Hit Box has created a Dofollow trackbacks plugin for WordPress. The plugin encourages other blogger to send you a ping because all links in the trackback will have rel=”nofollow” removed.

That’s one way to encourage other blogs to pick up your posts and post it on their blog. I may install but I need to find the level of trackbacks I am getting.

An Evil Way to Increase RSS Stats

Jon Lee, who appears to be a stats major, has made a post showing a very evil way to increase your RSS stats. Essentially, it gets the visitor’s browser to click on and load your feed in the background without their knowledge. That’s pretty evil alright!

Why Blogging is Like Dating

The Romance Tracker has a fun read on 10 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Dating. That got me thinking. You can do a, “10 reasons why blogging is like [insert whatever]” and it will work. It makes for good linkbait as well. 🙂

I am Facing Foreclosure Gets Foreclosed

Last but not least, we have the Internet’s loser of the year, finally shutting down his blog. And of course he shuts it down just as it was about to make some serious money. My bet on the closure was his wife finally put her foot down. She was working two jobs and cleaning houses as a maid while he bummed around all day and “brainstorm” his next big idea.