This Video Proves You Have No Excuse Not To Make Videos

Video is hot. If you’re not doing videos as part of your marketing, you are missing out on a pile of money. One of the biggest excuses that people have for not making videos is they lack the hardware to shoot high quality videos like the one below. Well, prepared to be shocked because the video below was shot entirely with an Apple iPhone and processed with iMovie on an iPad.

That’s correct. Bentley, one of the highest-end automotive brands in the world, made a corporate video using nothing more than an iPhone and iPad. Sure, they could have used the latest and greatest RED Cameras, but where’s the challenge in that? The quality of today’s cell phone is so good, you don’t need a fancy setup to get great results. Yes, Bentley made use of some specialized lens and mounting hardware, but the guts of the video was made from a phone that most of you have. You don’t need to be like me and spend $131,775 on a video setup!

So, whip out that iPhone and start making some videos! If it’s good enough for a premier automotive brand, it should be good enough for you!