This Movie Was Shot Entirely With The Nokia N8

Who says you can’t shoot a movie using just a cell phone? The Commuter is really cool action film, directed by the McHenry brothers and stars Dev Patel, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance and Ed Westwick. You think with big names like that, they would use professional level video gear. However, the entire movie was shot with the Nokia N8 cellphone.

The seven and a half minute long movie is quite entertaining and looks amazingly good considering it was shot with only a cellphone. If nobody told me, I would have never guessed you can shoot this level of quality with a phone. Then again, I think a lot of quality has to be attributed to the post production work. I highly doubt the average cellphone user will be able to produce what director McHenry produced.

This is really making me wonder what kind of movies can be produced with an iPhone 4 if put in the hands of a professional film maker? Apple show definitely put together something like what Nokia did with the N8.