This Is The Best Time To Be An Affiliate Marketer

The forth quarter of the year is the best time to be in the affiliate marketing game. Hell, it’s the best time to do anything that has to do with making money online. Q4 is the party quarter. Over 1/3 of TTZ Media’s yearly income is generated in the last three months of the year. If you don’t have your site up and running by now, you’ve missed the money train, again.

I did a review of Paul Bourque from Uber Affiliate earlier this month. Paul Bourque is a super affiliate. However, many readers dismissed him because of his age (he is 19) and because he jokingly changed his FeedBurner image to display 87,864 readers instead of his true count of 321. Well, it seems Paul decided to silence his critics today by posting a screen shot of his affiliate earnings.


The screen shot represent Azoogle earnings from October 20th to November 20th. I have feeling Paul is going to have a very merry Christmas!