This Is One Happy Blogger


Nate Whitehill, of Nate Whitehill dot Com, sent over this photo of the Nintendo Wii he won from our last blog contest. The Wii contest was sponsored by promotional pens maker,

I see that Nate got some bonus pens in addition to the Wii. My bet is Nate will give away the pens as part of his blog promotion but he will keep the Wii for himself. At least, if he was evil, he’ll do that.

Congrats to Nate. I’m glad you got the Wii in one piece. This month, I am giving away a 30GB Microsoft Zune MP3 player. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have time. The contest is over at the end of this month.

What till you see what we have lined up for the May contest. No, it’s not my broken GPS! 😈