ThinkTank 2012 – Frank Kern, John Chow, DK & You?

ThinkTank 2012 is coming, and that means we are all getting together to spend three days on the beach, under the tent, and in restaurants and bars around sunny Del Mar California!

Have you ever been to a conference and though the information they gave during the sessions weren’t really of much use? Instead, you found that most of the really productive stuff was at the parties and after-hour events, where you can do face-to-face networking with the big names in the business. Well, ThinkTank is just that – one big after-hours event that happens to last for three days.

ThinkTank is made up of a small group of big money, Internet marketers, affiliates, and Internet entrepreneurs. About 50 of us get together each year, share our secrets under an NDA, and help each other sell millions more online. After that it will be a nonstop three days of fun in the sun, surfing lessons, crazy fun activities, and nonstop networking, problem solving, strategies of success, and oh yes, drinks!

Admission to ThinkTank is by invite only and cost $3,000.

As a kickoff to ThinkTank, DK has some cool video lessons for you. In the first video, you’ll get to watch DK market to the biggest names in Internet Marketing (we are the toughest market in the world to sell to).

Drop your email to receive the other video lessons. You’re going to love them.

ThinkTank is the only event that I actually pay to get into each year. I paid DK last weekend at Dot Com Pho and I am signed up now for September. See you on the beach!

ThinkTank 2012 – Frank Kern, John Chow, DK & You?