Think and Grow Rich – The Secrets of The Super Rich

So I’ve been reading the peoples choice book, Think and Grow Rich (only 99 cents on Kindle). Chapter 10 really caught my attention. It talks about a “certain alliance” that is the basis of every great fortune.

It says something like: “no two minds can come together, without creating a third, powerful, invisible mind.”

Know what I am talking about yet? Well check this out. Andrew Carnegie surrounded himself with 50 men, all with the definite purpose of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributes his ENTIRE fortune to the power he accumulated through this…

mastermindWhat is it?

Yes! It’s a powerful mastermind or inner circle of people, all with the same goals and agenda. It’s the perfect harmony of minds, working together towards a single purpose. It’s the secret behind every great success.

How about you?

Do you have access to a powerful group of entrepreneurs all with similar goals as yourself? Does this Inner Circle of people actively invest in their business today? Do they have things to share with you that no one else knows? Are they running a minimum six or seven figure business? If no, then here’s a couple big tips.

First, You need a mastermind. You need to keep up on the latest of what’s working now. Henry Ford was way behind the curve in Think and Grow Rich. Yet, he was able to become massively successful because he was in the know of what was working NOW. What was new and revolutionary. This was only attained, to his accredit, through an Inner Circle.

Once you get access to this elite circle, the next step is to start to consume, think, and meditate on the Inner Circle “knowledge” as you go through it. You must become at one with it. Then, you must begin your journey. A mastermind, an Inner Circle, is the “door” to your success.

Here’s the key to my door. I invite you to join my inner circle.