These 4 Things Can Destroy Your Internet Business

Many people often talk about the strategies to implement into your content marketing but they fail to outline the elements you should be avoiding. I like to focus on both because from my experience, some people have an easier time following the DONT’s instead of the DO’s. Anyway, Google is changing things around quickly so it’s important we know what to focus on. For example, what factors used to matter several years back no longer matter as much because the search algorithm has changed. There is more emphasis on quality and increasing the user experience. If you view Google’s writing guidelines, you’ve noticed they made tweaks outlining the importance of quality, creative, formatting, and keyword usage. Next,

There is so much content being published daily that tries to answer content quality questions, with every blogger providing their own insight. Personally, I find too much information can be very confusing so I’ve decided to narrow it down, outlining the MOST important marketing blunders made by bloggers.

Let’s jump right in…

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BlackHat SEO Practice

If you want to succeed online, then it’s important you know the link building strategies to avoid. If you think Google hasn’t caught on, you’re completely wrong, because the recent Panda and Penguin updates were aimed at bloggers trying to manipulate the SERP’s. For example, in the last 4 years, we’ve seen the following…

  • Bulk link building
  • Spin content
  • Duplicate content
  • PBN’s (private blog networks)
  • Buying links

This has destroyed the quality of search results and decreased the user experience. Google gained popularity by providing searchers the type of content that is unique, providing a complete solution. Through manipulative strategies, affiliate websites have been able to outrank value adding content blogs, destroying the overall experience. Whatever you do, stay away from “blackhat” SEO and focus on a natural link building process. You’ll do much better in the long run because Google is always tweaking the SERP’s to crack down on SPAM sites.

Fake Followers

Social media is changing the way people interact online. At one point, it would take months for content to go viral, but now it takes minutes. The problem is many bloggers think the more people you have following you, the better for your content marketing but they couldn’t be more wrong. It all depends on the quality of followers you have so DON’T waste your money purchasing “fake followers” because you’ll be doing more harm than good. Next, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ understand this is becoming a major problem and will ban your account permanently. Going forward, you’ll be restricted from logging into their platform and you’ll lose a vital source of relevant traffic.

Low Quality Content

One of the biggest Internet marketing mistakes people are making, low quality content will destroy your website. We are in a time where it’s about frequency and quality combined together. Google introduced a freshness update to help searchers find trending content but they’ve put greater emphasis on quality at the same time. Why? Simple…

First, up-to date information will ensure people find the most trending content available, increasing the user experience. Google has succeeded as a search engine because they will able to connect people with the MOST relevant information. Next, with the influx in websites all competing for traffic, something needs to differentiate them all, other than websites and a link building campaign. If you want to stand out compared to your competitor, then focus on quality going forward.

Lack of Passion

One factor that differentiates people who succeed online compared to those who’ve failed is “passion”. You have to be passionate about the industry you’re in or you’ll give up without putting 100% going forward. You have to remember the business of online marketing is very difficult and there are going to be times you don’t make money, attract a following, and feel like you’re making progress, but it’s your passion that will keep you pushing forward. Here’s something the late Steve Jobs said about passion…

There are going to be times you’ll want to give up and many people do because it’s the obvious and easiest thing to do. However, it’s the insane ones who keep pushing forward because they’re crazy about the business they’re involved in. If you want to succeed, then you’ll have to be crazy about your niche so you keep pushing forward when everyone else is telling you to give up.