There Is Such Thing As A Free Lunch, On Friday

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, if it’s a Friday, and you happen to live in Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, or the OC, then not only can you get a free lunch, but free beer as well!


Free Lunch Friday (FLF) is a global non-profit on a mission to feed the hungry startups and entrepreneurs that feed our global economy. They do that by bringing startups and entrepreneurs together for an afternoon of food, education, and networking. The best part of FLF – it’s 100% free! Free Lunch Friday is committed to the following:

  1. Providing startups and entrepreneurs with free food, beer, content, and connections the last Friday of every month at FLF locations around the the world
  2. Inspiring our startups and entrepreneurs to take action and change the world
  3. Producing regular content that can inspire, educate, and empower our community
  4. Support and grow local startup communities with shared connections and resources
  5. Motivate partners, customers, experts and investors to join in and support the next generation of innovators
  6. Recognize that startups and entrepreneurs are the drivers of our global economy
  7. Foster global startup communities with a steady diet of community, content, and connections
  8. Create the connective tissue among global startup communities

Since FLF is a non-profit, you may wonder who’s paying for the food? Free Lunch Friday depends on donations from members and company sponsors. Today’s lunch was paid for by my friends at SiteGround Web Hosting.


Free Lunch Friday OC took place at the newest ROC (Real Office Centers, not Republic of China) in Irvine. The featured speaker was Brian Swichkow, a serial entrepreneur and perpetual life hacker who specializes in rapid deployment, optimization, and automation of passive income businesses.


Brian entertained and educate us with his story of how he used Facebook ads to creep out his roommate and made him completely paranoid. It was a pretty funny story.


The last Free Lunch Friday feature Vietnamese food. This time, we switched to Mexican. I say bring back the Vietnamese subs. Then again, I guess I shouldn’t be picky since the food is free.


Free Lunch Friday is a fantastic meetup, and if you live in one of the four cities where FLF is held, you should definitely make an effort to go. Come for the free lunch (and beer), and stay for the networking.

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