The Worst Email of 2010

I get a ton of emails. Most are nice and normal. However, I also get a higher than normal share of crazy emails. Most of the crazy ones alway ask me for something and I guess deep down inside, they really feel their request is reasonable. Right now, I’m keeping all the crazy emails in a special folder. I plan to publish those emails in the future as a free eBook. I think it will make for some hilarious reading.

The worst/best/hilarious/crazy (whatever you want to call it) email of 2010 came from a reader attending Penn State. I assume he’s from Penn State because of the email address. Anyway, this reader wanted to make me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

Name: Kxxx Bxxxxxxx


Subject: help

Message: hey im not good with trying to make money online so i would like to ask for some help from you. i know you make a ton of money with affiliate programs so i would ask if you could start out one for me and then when i get like some money for my college and maybe a new car i will turn the account over to you so you can have the account and you can get some extra money out of it so if you set me up an account i promise i will then turn it over to you when i make a certain amount thanks this would really help me out at this time seeing that im in debt with some college bills and my job doesnt pay enough to pay all of them

Now how I can possibly refuse such an amazing offer? I really hope that is not the quality level of students Penn State is turning out.