The Winner of the Affiliate Apocalypse Party VIP Invite

Congrats goes out to Hilary Shepherd from the Hollywood Gossip Blog for winning a VIP invite to the biggest party at Ad Tech San Francisco. Hilary will be partying it up with Clickbooth and the who’s who of Super Affiliates in the VIP section, where the drinks will be on the house all night long.

Hilary won the invite by leaving the most compelling comment on why she should be the one to go. Her reason:

I think I should get the VIP pass because I’m friggin’ HOT and I have a really popular gossip blog so I can write all about the party and how awesome it is to be a VIP…..or I can write a bunch of bad stuff…..the choice is yours. Did I mention that I’m totally HOT?

When you consider that most affiliate parties are filled with guys and the few girls you see there are mostly hired models, I think I am doing the Apocalypse Party a huge favor by giving the VIP invite to Hilary. After all, a party can never have too many friggin’ HOT girls.

So how friggin’ hot is Hilary? Here’s a photo for you to decide. Keep an eye out for her at the party!

Hilary Shepherd