The Weird Math Behind Making Money Online

If you listen to the average internet business owner you’ll be lead to believe they have some kind of traffic issue. They can’t get enough visitors to their webpage, or their list is too small to make a sale, or blah blah blah.

In reality, traffic is NOT their problem, and as a new internet marketer, it’s not yours either. We live in an age of digital abundance, a wonderland for marketers and business owners alike.bFacebook. Adwords. Bing. Solo Ads. YouTube. Reddit. Instagram. The list goes on and on.

There are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of customers that can be reached in the next 30-minutes through any of the traffic sources I listed above. If that’s the case, how then can you have a traffic problem?

Do You Have a Traffic Problem or Conversion Problem?

You might say, “I can’t afford to buy traffic.” If that’s your objection you don’t have a traffic problem, you have a CONVERSION problem.

Here’s the deal – when you have a high-converting, high-ticket offer, traffic – and affordability – becomes a no-brainer. Because you know that every dollar you spend on advertising is going to bring you $1.10, $1.30, even $2 back. You’re literally buying cash at a discount. You can’t afford NOT to advertise.

However, the key here is having an offer that converts well at a high price-point. Conversion you get, right? No conversion equals no money. But why do you have to promote high-ticket offers?

It’s the math.

When Google Adwords first launched you would pay as little as 1 cent per click. But nowadays you would be hard pressed to buy a click for less than a $1 (depends on the keywords). Therefore your advertising costs have multiplied dramatically in just a few short years.

Let’s say you’re paying $2 a click, which is not a crazy number, and your sales page is converting at 3%, which is really good. So, out of every 100 people who visit your page, three will buy.

100 x $2 PPC = $200

This means to BREAK even each customer would have to spend $67 for you to break even.

3 x $67 = $203

And that would be if the $67 was pure profit, no product costs, no hosting fees, etc. That’s a tough-gig. Now imagine the average customer spent $1,000. Same conversion rate, same cost per click.

3 x $1,000 = $3,000.

You’ve made close to $2,800 in profit. Even taking in 50% in costs, you’re still ahead $1,400. That’s the math behind getting rich on the internet. And why a high-ticket product will win every time. This is why 70% of my income comes from products that cost more than $1,000.

Go Big or Go Home

Forget the low hanging fruits of the $37 ClickBank products that seem easier to sell. It doesn’t pan out. You will barely cover your advertising cost. Instead, focus your time on promoting high-ticket products and your bank account will thank you.

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