The Top Commentators List Is Back

I had to disable the Top Commentators Plugin last week because it was having problems with the WordPress database. The plugin was slowing down the loading of the blog to the point where it was timing out. After a week of tweaking, I’m happy to report that the problem seems to be fixed.

The Top Commentators list the top 10 readers who posted the most comments to this blog over the past seven days. It’s a running seven day total. If a reader stops commenting, he will disappear off the list within a week.

Show Top Commentator rewards your top blog commentators by exposing their blogs to your readership. The links do not have a nofollow tag so the top commentators get some Google juice as well. I know the plugin really works to increase comments because there was a decrease in comments when the plugin was turned off. Now that it’s back, I expect comments to return to normal levels.

If you’re looking to generate some comments on your blog, rewarding your blog commentators with the Show Top Commentators plugin is a great way to do that. Check out this blog’s current top 10 commentators.

  1. ZK @ Web Marketing Blog
  2. EarningStep
  3. hospitalera
  4. fas
  5. Michael Mindes
  6. Erika Marie
  7. Shanker Bakshi
  8. Benjamin Cip
  9. Cam Birch
  10. Igor Helps You Succeed

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