The Top 1000 Most-Visited Sites On The Web

Google owned Ad network Doubleclick has posted a list of the 1000 most-visited sites on the web. If anyone can post such a list, it would be Doubleclick since measuring traffic for advertiser clients is one of the things they do. Doubleclick decided to leave out Google from the list, probably because Google owns them and didn’t want to show any bias. If Google was included on the list, they would be number one. As it stand, the Web’s most-visited site is Facebook, with 540 million unique visitors and a mind blowing 570 BILLION page views per month.

While Google has more unique visitors than Facebook, it can’t match Facebook’s page view numbers. Now I know why Facebook is able to sell ads as low as 25 cent CPM. They have so much inventory they don’t know what to do with it. It’s also interesting to note the number of Top 1000 that don’t accept advertising. It just goes to show that advertising isn’t always the best business model for a site. Let’s face it, unless you have the traffic of Facebook, it’s pretty hard to make money at 25 cent CPM.

The biggest blog on the list is the Huffington Post with 12 million unique visitors and 370 million page views per month. I feel very small now. See the full list here.

Top 1000 Sites