The Strangest ReviewMe Review Yet

Three days ago, I received what has to be the strangest ReviewMe review request to-date. Normally, a ReviewMe review requires that I do a bit of work and spend some time with the product submitted for review. For example, I had to read the 300+ page SEO Book from Aaon Wall in order to review it. My review of Lee Dobb’s Keyword Tracker required me to use it for a few days before I could post my findings. I happily do this because I know these advertisers are paying $100 for the review so they expect a certain level of quality and professionalism.

Now I get a review request from Jason Rodriguez of He wants me to review his blog. The problem is, there isn’t much to review – the blog is brand new (started on Nov. 15th). It has a grand total of seven posts. Here they are:

I would like to tell you who Jason Rodriguez is but his About page has nothing on it. Looking at the list of posts, you can get the idea that Jason’s blog talks about Internet and affiliate marketing. The quality of the posts is quite good and If Jason ever gets around to updating the site on a more consistence basis, he may build a reader base.

Since there really isn’t much to review, I like to offer Jason this tidbit of advice. Before you go spending $100 on a review, you really should have more than seven posts on your blog, or at the very least, post a lot more updates in between the time you submit the review request and the time it takes me to post the review.

Now that this review is posted, I hope you’ll start updating more. Otherwise, whatever buzz this post generates for you will be gone and my readers will just be laughing at you for wasting $100.