The Secrets To Our Success

Recently, My Micro Fund conducted a ten questions and answers interview with myself and Shoemoney. We were both sent the same ten questions to find out how much our views differ from each other. I never saw Shoe’s answers and he never saw mine. The questions range from how often do you floss to how much money do you make online.

It is said that successful people think very much a like and this interview definitely re-enforces that notion. A person who doesn’t understand the principles of success may conclude that Shoe and I got together and made up the answers, especially to the question asking what we attribute most of our success to.

Success has more to do with how you think than what you do. You will become successful when you acquire the mindset of a successful person. The major reason why a person stays broke is because they have a broke mindset. So what are the secrets to our success? Based on the answers Shoe and I supplied, My Micro Fun drew this conclusion.

You can conclude from this interview that if you want to be a serious money making blogger like Jeremy Schoemaker and John Chow, you will need to floss daily, enjoy food, get married, love your wife, be asleep between midnight to 6am and most importantly, without a question, to choose the internet over sex.

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