The Right Types of Email Followups To Send Your Blog Readers

Email marketing is making waves within the online world. What other avenue allows you the opportunity to make $40 for every $1 spent. That type of return on investment is almost unheard of in the marketing world. With as little as 500 words or less you can reach out to a vast array of different audiences across multiple demographics, all through the use of a few finely tuned sentences placed just so.

The trick here is to understand just what makes an effective email and how to write one for your business that will inspire subscriptions and increase conversions exponentially. If you’re just beginning in your journey through email marketing than this one’s for you. I have a secret formula that I will share with you today. Multiple successful online businesses employ these tactics on a regular basis and have achieved astronomical success.


Do you wish to know how to keep your open rates high? Do you wonder just what to send your subscribers and how to make your emails exciting? If any of these questions have passed through your mind, then you are in the right place.

I’m going to share with you the 7 most effective emails you can create for your business. If you wish to know just what ingredients, make up this recipe, then proceed on and I will divulge my secret recipe for your eyes only!

1. Exclusive offers make subscribers feel special (but which kinds are best?)

Host a live event!

Exclusivity has its rewards!  What’s better than a live event with a limited guest list?! As an attendee you feel honored and privileged to be amongst such an elite crowd.

The added benefit of hosting live events such as these lies in the response that it elicits from your subscribers. It serves to deepen the connections with your audience and helps to create a loyal following. The key is that you have taken the opportunity to make your readers feel valued and special. This will truly be to your advantage as trust and connection will inspire referrals and shares and ultimately lead to word of mouth advertising for you and your business.

Emails that deliver exclusive offers can truly put you on the map if orchestrated properly. This is your opportunity to create perceived value and your offers must seek to provide a service or answer questions. Your content will live in your live event. So you must seek to make your event memorable by attacking a subject matter from an angle that’s never been attempted before and leave a lasting impression through your creativity.

2. Give subscribers the gift of convenience

Technology has given us many gifts and amongst its many treasures lies the ability to consume content in multiple ways. From audio to video, PDF or even cheat sheets, the world has become an open oyster. The pearls within are the ability for subscribers to consume content in which ever mode suits their lives and their learning style.

It’s truly a matter of convenience and appeal. You’d be surprised how many readers will download an MP3 version of your blog post and listen to it on the way to work; either driving or taking transit. Time is in short supply and your content must fit into the lives of your subscribers in a fast and easily consumable format.

The lesson here is that variety is the spice of life. Offering your content over multiple platforms allows readers to digest the information in a new and creative manner. Try reformatting your video content into an e-book, a cheat sheet summary, an MP3 download or a video that can be directly downloaded onto any smartphone or laptop.

You can even fashion an audio replay of your live event for those who weren’t able to attend on the actual day. The main point here is that whichever means allows your content to be viewed is worth looking into.

Your email subscribers are your followers and it’s up to you to take care of them. Show them you appreciate and value their time and gear your content to meet their needs. Their loyalty will be your reward!

3. Short valueemails can be a nice change of pace

Short, value driven emails are a breath of fresh air. We are often inundated with sales pitches that, while valuable, can leave consumers with content fatigue.

Sometimes the best tactic to sell yourself is NOT to sell yourself. Give value through your words without links to your content or another’s website. Show your readers that you have something to offer that is merely meant to inform and enlighten. Impart wisdom or teach valuable concepts that will directly affect the lives of your readers.

The value that you instill in this type of email will generate trust and appreciation in the eyes of your subscribers. Watch and see!

4. Highlights need to be interesting

Email newsletters offer subscribers a quick glance at what your site has to offer. This is your chance to impress your audience so be selective and choose highlights that show you off in your best light. You don’t want to include everything but you definitely need to put your best foot forward and include work that truly represents everything that your site stands for.

Hands down you want to put forth snippets of your most popular content. Newsletters act as a summary for a particular time frame so it’s prudent that you switch it up on a regular basis especially if you are running a monthly newsletter.

If you need examples, to get you started, then check out Quora. They regularly send email to their subscribers that include the most upvoted questions from their feeds in Question and Answer style.

5. One way to show that you really respect subscribers

Show respect for your subscribers and they will show respect for you. Developing relationships with your readers needs to be your top priority. This is no small feat so be prepared to go that extra mile and show you truly care. Make it clear that you think of your subscribers as people and you respect and value their support.

There is a good chance that your employees, by virtue of the fact that they work for you, hold similar views and beliefs as your organization. They are even possibly subscribers themselves. Look for your employees through your email list.

Here’s a good opportunity to further develop your human resource skills while at the same time creating a solid relationship with a subscriber. Employees will feel validated when you show that you have made the effort to get to know them on a personal basis.

Any and all personnel who have interviewed for your company have had occasion to leave their contact info with your office via email. Even though they may or may not have been successful, there is a strong chance that they identify with your philosophies and would be open to a subscription. This is fantastic way of staying in close contact with your staff while at the same time fostering relationships that are truly reciprocal in nature.

6. Don’t fall victim to the curse of knowledge (deliver your best stuff)

Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving. We learn something new and all of a sudden doors open we never knew existed before. We build our towers of understanding one block at a time and slowly grow our foundation to new heights. Yet once we climb to the top we forget from whence we came and how rudimentary our understanding was at the beginning of our journey.

The curse of knowledge occurs when bloggers seek to explain content through their level of understanding and their knowledge base. Those just starting out are not versed in the familiar lingo that we take for granted. For example, when I speak of white-hat and black-hat link building a specific concept comes to mind. It’s only after experience in the business that I have had the occasion to run across these terms. A newcomer might find it difficult to follow my thoughts and conclusions if they, themselves, are not familiar with the terminology.

Write emails that cater to the needs of newcomers. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine that this is a new and exciting world and develop your content to inform and enlighten with detailed explanations of terms and concepts.

Another option is to create an autoresponder crash course that would house a sequence of your older content in an organized and systematic format to teach basic concepts and bring new subscribers up to speed.

Ultimately you must choose to make your content digestible to a large audience base. Remember what it was like to be new on the scene and gear your content to help others lay solid foundations for growth.

7. Preview big events that subscribers will be interested in (be your own hype man)

Give your audience a playful tease by seducing them with just a hint of what’s to come. You need to peak their interest and have them thirsting for more. Previews for up and coming content keep your audience engaged and excited.

Popular TV shows use this tactic all the time. At the end of an episode you’ll find an advertisement: Next on Young and the Restless, and then they proceed to give a quick highlight reel to keep viewers intrigued and hungry for more.

You, too, can use this strategy to your advantage. A few bullet points at the end of an email, possibly entangled within an entertaining story, can create that attraction factor that you’re looking for. When done in just the right way, emails such as this, can draw in substantial traffic as viewers can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

Creating suspense and mystery works in your favor. You’ll keep your readers coming back for more as they can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next!


There you have it! Your recipe for success lies in my 7 most effective emails for your business! Take the knowledge you have acquired here and build yourself an impressive email list that will generate business for years to come. Put this knowledge to work for you today and you’ll embark on a journey into the new frontier of email marketing. Get ready for the future; it’s here!