The REAL key to success when it comes to blogging

Ok, we have talked plenty about how to get traffic to your blog site.  We have talked about how to choose topics based on what the market is interested in, we have talked about where to host, how to work with search engines to get the most amount of people to your site as is possible, but there are a few things that are what I like to call “intangibles” that are key to your success.  

Sure, you have been blogging for quite some time now, and have developed a decent following….sure.  But you are reading this right now because you want MORE followers.  So why don’t you let me show you how.  Lets take a closer look at this and examine why the most successful people are successful with their blogs. Typically, they will use some of the strategy listed here.

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There are three personalities that I am going to be using as an example in this article.  The first is going to be Colion Noir, a blogger and YouTuber that is now a commentator for the NRA. His main basis for popularity is on the subject of 2nd amendment protection and advocating responsible gun ownership and use.  The second that we will bring up as an example will be Matt Walsh, the genius behind  He is a conservative idealist that has made an art form out of standing behind old fashioned conservatism and for lack of a better term….preaching.  The third example I will direct you to is the Nutnfancy Project on youtube.  This is another Vlog guy that does anything from gun, knife, and tactical gear reviews to backpacking trips with his son and throws them on youtube.

Why do I bring these guys up, you ask?  Is it because I want you to agree with what they say, or possibly because they are all conservative in nature?  No, it has nothing to do with that. First off, you need to understand the basics of blogging. Secondly, you need to ask yourself…”why do these guys have such a huge following?” There are many answers for that, that will all include many of the topics we have already discussed.  The big denominator with ALL of them, is THIS: They video and talk about the topics that they have a passion for.  That is it!  Of all the marketing strategies that are talked about on the internet, this is the one that is shockingly overlooked!

Keep that in mind when you are starting a project.  Make sure that it is something that you are passionate about and love talking about on your blog.  If it is something that is strictly a paycheck for you, and nothing more, your viewers will sniff that out faster than your would believe. Make sure you are putting your heart into what you do, and you will find success.