The Real John Chow

Bob Buskirk has made a post showing the real John Chow (I guess there is a unreal John Chow out there). The post is a trip down memory lane. From the time he first paged me on IM to our first live meeting at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show.

After helping me signup for Adsense and helping me place ads I realized what ThinkComputers could become. With the help of John I really went full steam with ThinkComputers and ended up going to the 2006 CES in Las Vegas. I had never been to a trade show before let alone met any of my sponsors. I met John at the first press event. You can pick him out of the crowd anywhere, a 6 foot tall Asian guy! John invited me to his party at the MGM skylofts.

Bob’s post is a pretty good read. Seeing other succeed at this Internet money making game is one of my goals. It’s one of the reasons I have this blog. Bob summed up the real John Chow with this photo.