The Problem with Blogging These Days

I’ve been blogging for so many years and work in many different niches. Aside from my personal blogs, I work with many others, consulting them on how to get online. My cliental includes bloggers, ecommerce, general websites, etc., and this can become very tedious for me. However, I’ve learned a lot along the way and would like to share some of my experience with you now. I’m surprised by how many of my clients have NOT been able to be successful simply because of the way they have approached their business over the years. I’ve figured out some things that were holding people back and what the major problems with blogging are, so I would like to discuss some of the factors below.

This series will be divided into “2” parts…

Let’s get started…

A Simple Idea

One of the major problems right now is people don’t have the right idea before they get started. They think blogging is going to be very easy and start blogging about anything, hoping to make money. However, you need an “idea” to get you moving in the right direction and this can be the difference between success and failure. I always encourage my clients to NOT think too outside of the box and focus on a single idea. Why? The answer is simple…

I’ve noticed a simple idea usually flourishes into something more valuable and this should always be your initial focus. When you think too much, it can push you in the wrong direction and I try to avoid it at all costs. You’ll learn in the next section where your “simple” idea should stem from.


If you are NOT passionate about your business, then you’re going to fail almost immediately. One huge problem I find with blogging is people get involved for the wrong reasons and this can have an opposite effect going forward. For example, if I’m starting for profits and don’t see them immediately, then I might give up because I have nothing else pushing me in the right direction. The MOST successful blogs online started NOT for profit, but because they wanted to solve a major problem online. By doing this, they kept pushing forward when all else failed and this eventually ended up generating profits for them going forward.

Here is something to keep in mind…

Always start with a simple idea that should be based around your passion. You can dig deeper into your passion and find something specific but make sure the core of your idea is based on your passion.

Not Providing Value

Another huge problem with blogging is people NO longer provide value and are more consumed with bulk blogging. The internet has grown so much over the years that people know EXACTLY what they are looking for and won’t read your content if it doesn’t provide substance. This is why I always encourage bloggers to take time and research before writing. Next, they should make sure their content is lengthy and provides enormous value at the same time.

Writing high value content doesn’t have to be tough, but you have to have patience so you can do the following to help streamline your content writing and value.

  • Always do research (keywords, topics, competitors)
  • Write an outline covering “target” keywords and subheadings
  • Pace your writing and how often you publish. For example, if you pace out your writing over several days, you won’t burn yourself out and will be able to add more value over time. A good publishing frequency to follow is 1-2 posts per week.

Please stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll be looking at some others, which are destroying blogging.

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