The Power of a Big User Base

Every big blogs have it and every small blogs wants it: a big user base. When you have a big user base, you can achieve amazing things. Take Gmail for example. They have a huge user base and a ton of passionate users. They are so passionate about Gmail that when the official Google blog asked Gmail users to help make a collaborative video, they received over 1,100 submissions.

Last month, we invited you to join the Gmail collaborative video, pull out your video cameras and help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. Two Rubik’s cubes, a few jaunts in a bottle, beautiful sand animation, and one dog’s trip to the Southernmost point of the continental US later, we’d received more than 1,100 fantastic clips from Gmail fans from more than 65 countries.

I have always thought that only Apple could pull something like this off. Asking your users to make what is basically a corporate PR video for no compensation other than being seen in the final video really shows how loyal some users are for a product or service. I wonder if I can pull off a John Chow collaborative video?

Source: TechCrunch